Blackjack Strategy App for iOS

Blackjack Strategy Icon[Shameless self-promotion starts now]

Just uploaded onto the iTunes store is my first iOS app, Blackjack Strategy!

It was created with a developer friend and is my first foray into iOS as an independent entity. Sure, I’ve done iAds, apps, and mobile-centric web content as a freelancer. But this is the first app I helped create since Wayfinder NYC for the Droid, which won the first NYC Big Apps contest way back in 2010.

It’s not a full blackjack game, but rather a trainer to help users learn what to do when the cards are dealt. Like chess, there are very specific actions to take at the start of a game, and this app will get you to learn very quickly what to do.

We pushed out v1.0 as quick as possible, so there are definitely things I can see that need to improve with v2.0 and beyond.

But for now, enjoy the free download!

Link to iTunes App Store here: click

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